Tuesday, January 8, 2019

2019 DSO

The Elephant's trunk Nebula (IC 1396A) More Info
40 hours of imaging data from Maryland and AHSP in WV

I decided to produce several variants of elements to color mapping (between Hydrogen, Oxygen, Nitrogen and Sulfur , or Ha, OIII, NII, SII and Red, Green and Blue), and various degrees of saturation and contrast (to accommodate different monitors and media).

(SN)HO (Sulfur/Nitrogen = Red, Hydrogen = Green, Oxygen = Blue), Deep

(SN)HO, Vivid


O(SH)N, "De-Magenta"

M51, the Whirlpool Galaxy, imaged from the
Great Meadow park field in Virginia the night of 27 May, 2019

NGC 4565 the Needle Galaxy

NGC 2903 Galaxy

The Takahashi FSQ85-EDX on Bisque Paramount MyT, QSI683WSG, Moonlite Nitecrawler, Lodestar X2 and the QHY Polemaster portable imaging setup I currently use.

From Whitetop mountain in VA...rather extreme expedition, but some interesting results.  Many thanks to the two groups that helped us escape the dangers of a nighttime on the mountain with a car stuck in snow and wildlife all around.


Comet 46P Wirtanen.  The stars are all smudged due to comet movement.  I will one day figure out how to deal with this.

IC405 the Flaming Star Nebula in Hydrogen Alpha narrowband (3nm)

NGC 1333 in RGB (info link) from 3 nights in Tucson, AZ